Jared McNeill
Jared McNeill

My name is Jared McNeill. I’m a University of Iowa graduate with bachelor’s degrees in journalism and religious studies (a weird combination, I know).

With some stops in between, I’ve been in the newspaper business for more than 9 years, and I’ve been a copy editor for more than 7.

Currently, I’m a copy editor for my hometown paper The Hawk Eye in Burlington, Iowa. While my job mostly is editing copy, as the title would suggest, and laying out pages, I also have a semi-regular column, which I’ll refer to from time to time with links to my LinkedIn page, where you’ll find some of my published work.

My dream is to become a syndicated columnist, and I’ve been told a good place to start is by beginning a blog, so I will set out to write at least weekly and perhaps more often.

My passions in life are my faith, politics, sports, entertainment, and the list goes on. And you’ll see these reflected in my writing.

Above all, I want to make you think and perhaps laugh, and if I’ve done that, I’ll consider this venture a success.