More than just a band

Editor’s note: The following is a guest post from my wife, the lovely Megan McNeill, who is celebrating Hanson Day 2017. Her love of Hanson truly knows no bounds.

“I could never let you go after all that you’ve been to me.” – Hanson, “Georgia”

It’s just a band.

A band that started 25 years ago with little a capella shows for anyone who would listen.

It’s just a band.

A band that won my heart in an “Mmmbop” one lazy summer day.

It’s just a band.

A band whose faces covered the walls of my bedroom for at least five years.

A sampling of my Hanson swag (I couldn’t possibly fit all of my posters and pinups in one photo).

It’s just a band.

A band whose every note, every song, every album has transported me to a place of comfort and contentment.

My MOE member CD and “Road to Albertane” VHS are hiding somewhere … laughing at my frustration. Where are you?!

It’s just a band.

A band whose messages of hope have lifted spirits and literally saved lives.

It’s just a band.

A band whose antics have entertained me, whose words of wisdom have inspired me.

It’s just a band.

A band that decided to ditch the status quo and take a risk, starting an independent record label to make music on its own terms — even if it doesn’t get radio play or Grammys.

It’s just a band.

A band that’s been maligned and misunderstood, much like I was because I refused to quit listening when they were no longer “cool.”

It’s just a band.

A band that knows who its real fans are, that continues to build a soundtrack for life, love, loss and everything in between.

It’s just a band.

A band that unites fans all over the world as we lift our hands and sing along with every ounce of passion we have.

My first Hanson show, Oct. 22, 2000
My seventh Hanson show, July 28, 2012. (No. 8 is coming up Oct. 11.)

It’s just a band.

A band that makes itself accessible to fans through festivals, social media, an online community and so much more.



It’s just a band.

A band that’s remained true to its roots, setting up shop in Tulsa and holding Hanson Day festivities every year in the town where it all began.

It’s just a band.

A band that reaches across continents and extends a hand to its own community, because it believes in enriching people’s lives with more than just music.




It’s just a band, huh?

Just a band with passion. Talent. Ambition. Courage. Conviction.

Hanson is more than just a band.

More than just “Mmmbop.”

More than just music.

The Hanson boys are artists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, family men.

They’re there “when all (my) dreams may have seen better days.” They remind me, “Don’t cry, the fight ain’t over — unless you let it pass you by.”

They’re my life’s soundtrack, giving me “a place to hide,” my “blue sky” on a stormy day.

“I know they think you’re out of your mind.” If that’s the case, I’m contentedly crazy. So until the day I die, I’ll “sing it if (I) know it, scream it if (I) feel it.” If Hanson has taught me anything in my 20 years as a Fanson, it’s that “I was born to do something no one’s ever done before. I was born to go somewhere no one’s ever gone before. I was born to be someone no one’s ever been before.”

Thank you, Hanson, for all you’ve done, all you’ve taught me, since the first time I heard “Mmmbop.” I can’t imagine life without you and your music, and I don’t want to.

Here’s to 25 more years of incredible music and memories.


A little orange CD changed my life …


Megan is the wife of Editing Life blogger Jared McNeill. When she’s not rocking out to Hanson, she’s usually reading books and writing about them at That Book Lady Blog (although she’s on hiatus).


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