A reasonable shopper’s guide to a very Cubbie Christmas

It’s been barely a month since the Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years, and this Cubs fan has been plotting and strategizing about championship swag, especially with Christmas now two weeks away.

Yes, there’s a World Series winner each and every season — minus those strike-shortened go-rounds, of course — but few can disagree that this one is a different kind of special.

This 2016 team always should be remembered and celebrated for finally breaking through, and, as such, there is plenty of merchandise for the buying, from newspapers to books; to hats, T-shirts and sweatshirts; to DVDs; and anything and everything in between.

However, my wife and I are just a couple of poor newspaper journalists, so we have to be selective and strategic about our purchases. We want to mark the special occasion, sure, but we don’t want to drain our savings.

I can imagine most are in a similar financial situation.

Starting out, we got our hands on the obligatory pennant, book, hat and couple of T-shirts. Thankfully, I’ve lost enough weight that the strategy even comes down to shirt size as my wife and I now can share the articles of clothing.

We got off to a good start, and the rest we would request at Christmastime. Well, I would. She’s a budding fan, but her Christmas gift priorities lie elsewhere.

Looking around and taking it all in, I’ve made a list of mementos that have caught my attention.

From one Cubs fan to another or those just shopping for one, here are ten ideas that will be worth your while and save you time perusing in stores and online:

cubs-ws-hat1.) New Era’s Men’s Chicago Cubs Graphite/Black 2016 World Series Champions Locker Room On Field 39THIRTY Flex Hat

For me, it all starts here. Even if you don’t wear it (mine is too big for my head), it’s a nice keepsake of the version they wore on the field. Find it here.

cubs-ws-long-sleeve-t2.) Majestic Men’s Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions Locker Room Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This goes right along with the hat. It’s the long-sleeved version of what they wore after they recorded that last out in Game 7. Find it here.

20161211_020131.jpg3.) Rico Industries’ Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions Pennant

Your best bet would be to find this item in a store, such as Kohl’s, where I found mine, as the online version is pretty expensive. Find it here.

cubs-ws-finally-hoodie4.) ’47’s Men’s Chicago Cubs Royal 2016 World Series Champions Headline Pullover Hoodie

This is a different design I haven’t seen in stores. You’ll definitely stand out with this one. Find it here.


cubs-ws-program5.) Major League Baseball’s 2016 World Series Official Program Chicago Cubs

Even if you weren’t fortunate enough to attend the games, you still can get a program and relish in the Cubs’ first World Series appearance in more than 70 years. Find it here.


cubs-ws-chicago-tribune-book6.) Chicago Tribune’s Won for the Ages: How the Chicago Cubs Became the 2016 World Series Champions

This is the first of two items from the Chicago Tribune. When it comes to commemorative books, I prefer to go with the major local newspaper’s account because of its day-t0-day coverage. Plus, as I mentioned before, I do work in the business, and I enjoy supporting the industry. Find it here.

cubs-ws-chicago-tribune-history-book7.) Chicago Tribune’s “History of the Beloved Chicago Cubs” Personalized Newspaper Book

This is one of the more unique items on the list. The neat thing about this is it includes the newspaper’s account of the Cubs’ 2016 run, along with a running history, in newspaper form. You can even have it personalized for an extra $5. Find it here.

cubs-ws-film-dvd8.) Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions Commemorative DVD

This is the first of two options for video. This one is the DVD version of the film that premiered on Fox Sports 1 earlier this month. A definite must-have. Find it here.

cubs-ws-box-set-dvd9.) Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions Commemorative 8-Disc DVD Set

This DVD box set relives every game of the 2016 Fall Classic. It’s a little pricier, but if you can afford it, you definitely should snap this up. Find it here.

1cubs-ws-baseball-in-case0.) Rawlings’ Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions Collectible Baseball in Cubed Case

If you’re in the market for memorabilia that is relatively inexpensive but still gets the job done, this is the way to go. Find it here.



This is by no means an exhaustive list, but any one of the above items will make you or your beloved Cubbie fan very merry this Christmas season.

Happy hunting, and get that shopping done. Time is running short.


4 thoughts on “A reasonable shopper’s guide to a very Cubbie Christmas

  1. I got the World Series program and the Tribune’s magazine recap among other things. Your front page from the night of the World Series clincher is displayed in the Cubs den in the basement of our place here.

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